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Viflip, the revolutionary way to sell a house that has just landed in the United States

Viflip is the innovative real estate company that has just arrived in the United States and proposes a unique method to help the owner make more money by selling their property with zero risk

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Viflip, a real estate company owned by Spaniards César Rivero , José Llanos and Gennaro Auletta, has just landed in the United States with a unique proposal: to help owners sell their property... for more money than they have in mind and without risking their own.

To do so, they propose an evolution of the traditional Flipping House based on a new model of real estate management and intermediation, which does not even require the purchase of the asset.

It works as follows. An owner enters the details of his property on the Viflip website. Once he has all the information, the company's fast algorithm analyzes thousands of similar homes in a matter of seconds and offers a maximum sale price for which the property could be sold.

If the owner agrees with the price, a Viflip agent will go to the property to analyze a series of renovations that will help the seller increase the maximum sale value.

Is Viflip only a sales consultant? Of course not. This is where the fundamental role of the company comes into play. It will be the company that will make the necessary investment to undertake the reforms that will increase the price of the property. The seller will not put a single penny at risk.

From that moment on, Viflip's agents will help the owner to find a buyer who will reach at least the maximum price that was indicated to him in his first consultation.

Viflip will only recover the investment made by selling the property if that amount has been reached. In this way you will get the value of the investment in the reform made and a commission for the sale.

In the meantime, the owner will get the sales price he had in mind at the beginning and a part of that plus that he has achieved together with Viflip.

Viflip brings to the United States a new way of running a Flipping House without the need to buy a property. A strategy that reduces the risk and time of each operation.

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