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Vidoomy reviews filter: Novelty on video advertising sector

Vidoomy is a leading global startup in digital video advertising that has recently presented its latest technological innovation: its internet user opinions filter. With its headquarters in Madrid, Vidoomy has operations in different countries in Europe, Asia and America in addition to a powerful international expansion plan

Published in Madrid the in Comunicación , Marketing , Tecnología

The last modification of the algorithm they work with has located the company on top of public technological development and digital market. This technology allows you to assess which public video shows the user who surfs the internet, this part of the web traffic being managed by the company: more than 2500 web media are part of its premium inventory. This improvement actually affects the entire landscape of video advertising, but it is mainly applied in specific sectors such as e-commerce such as Amazon, Dell or Ebay.

Vidoomy opinions filter works by siftting the advertising that will be displayed to the user based on the opinions has been expressed regarding a product or service. Positive opinions increase the probability of advertising video to emerge with a related product and, in the opposite case, a negative opinion generates the contrary response.

“This will really improve the experience of everyone who uses the internet every day, since as of today there will be no advertising of products that do not fit the user's interests, no matter how much they are in the right target,” says Eric Raventos, Company COO.

Each Vidoomy progress generate benefits to all sector parts involved: on the one hand, advertisers and brands perceive better results in terms of KPIs and effectiveness of their campaigns, accessing premium audiences in a safe and reliable environment. On the other hand, publishers get greater benefits in terms of monetization of their spaces.

The technical team of the company has not only developed the technology that Vidoomy works with, but they have developed all the improvements that guarantee quality and brand safety. Concepts that have convinced prestigious international brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Unilever or P&G to be part of the successes that have raised Vidoomy.

“Our goal is not to be able to show the user all the possible advertising options: it is to allow the user to influence the service we offer to guarantee the result they are looking for. The formula of our success is to always take into account the priorities of our clients and the development of technological improvements such as this last one that allow us to carry it out” says Marcos Cuesta-CEO at Vidoomy.


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