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Europastry is committed to using sustainable wheat

The company wants to lead the transformation of the baking sector to fight climate change by using 100% sustainable raw materials. Europastry aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 36%, its water consumption by 28% and its gas consumption by 8% by 2021. The company currently uses only electricity from renewable sources

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Europastry, a global leading baked goods company, is convinced that, to fight climate change, the future of food has to be sustainable. So, the company is implementing actions that will allow to transform the baking sector and make it even more sustainable. This is a sector in which sustainability is closely linked to good practices in the planting, growing and milling of grains (70% of the CO2 emissions come from wheat planting and growing).

One of these is the commitment to using 100% sustainable flours. What does this mean? The implementation of good practices with local farmers, the use of certified seeds, reduced use of fertilizers, crop rotation and field-to-table traceability. To identify the products made on this basis, Europastry has created the “Responsible Flours” seal. In fact, today the company is already harvesting 5,300 hectares under these principles, and it is committed to expanding this to 20,000 hectares by 2025.

But its commitment doesn’t stop there. Europastry wants to be involved in the sustainable transformation of the planet and, to do so, it has set important targets for 2021: reducing carbon footprint by 36%, water consumption by 28% and gas consumption by 8% with respect to this year.

This sustainable transformation is based on company mission. In the words of Jordi Gallés, the Executive President of Europastry: “All the actors in the food chain have to collaborate and do their part to ensure that the planet is inhabitable for our children. What will coming generations say about us if we go beyond the point of no return when we still have the means to avoid it? Together with our suppliers and customers, we want to lead this change”.

About Europastry
Europastry is a global leading baked goods company. Founded in 1987, it has established itself as one of the most expert and state-of-the-art baked goods companies in the sector of frozen dough for bread, rolls, pastries and snacks. With 22 production plants and 26 sales offices the world, Europastry is currently present in more than 70 countries. In 2019, Europastry reached 851 million euros in turnover and launched more than 400 new products to the market.


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