Internacional distribution

If you want to promote your news in other countries we offer custom solutions . The International distribution also includes a complete Impact of Press Release report and a mentions clipping of your press release has had in other media.

Contractible extras

  • Express distribution
  • Wording of the press release
  • SEO Review and optimization
  • Traducción y distribución internacional
  • Facebook Ads Campaign

Characteristics of the press release

  • Images and attached video
  • Customized links (By direct recommendation from google, by default links are "nofollow". You can modify the attributes of each link in the wording)
  • Social buttons media
  • Customizable distribution date

Publication and distribution

  • Comunicae publishing
  • Distribution among more than 50,000 recipients
  • Search engine positioning
  • National media distribution
  • Multiposting in blogs, specialized websites and social networks
  • Publication in social networks
  • Broadcast in Widgets
  • Publication guaranteed in the media of the countries in which the press release is promoted.

Translation to other languages

If the promotion of your press release should be done in non-Spanish speaking countries we could provide you the translation service.

Distribution reports

  • Impact report
  • Clipping of mentions

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